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The Ultimate Gold Diggers

I have met my fair share of men at London escorts who have us confused with gold diggers. There is no doubt in my mind that there are some London escorts who have a bit of sideline going as gold diggers. But, I would say most London escorts are not into exploiting their clients. The girls who do exploit their clients normally don't last too long as charlotte action escorts. That being said, there are some women who have made it big as gold diggers.

London Escorts On Anna Nicole

.Anna Nicole was an American plus-size model born in Texas in 1967. Although she did fairly well as a model, she is most famous for getting married to American billionaire J. Marshall Howard in 1994. At the time of their marriage, Mr. Howard was 89 years old. Anna was quickly accused of being a gold digger which is something that she has always denied although there is a lot of evidence that points to the contrary. Many girls who work for London escorts think that Anna had a less than perfect past and may even have worked as an escort before marrying her husband. Tragically she died in 2007 of a drug overdose.

London Escorts On Mrs Wallis Simpson

Mrs. Wallis Simpson was what many call an American opportunist. She is most famous for being the woman behind the abdication of King Edward VIII. Was she a gold digger? Despite many rumours to the contrary, it has now become clear that this lady was more interested in money than King Edward. Recently discovered letters seem to indicate that she was still in love with her former husband at the time of her marriage to the King. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have become increasingly interested in her life. I don't think she was ever an escort, but this is certainly one lady with a very shady past.

Is Meghan Markle A Gold Digger?

Of course, the world is full of modern day gold diggers. One girl who is beginning to stand out more and more is Meghan Markle. As we all know, she is married to Prince Harry. Before her marriage to the prince, she was an actress and a member of the cast of Suits. Today, this former actress has a jewellery collection worth an estimated $700,000. That is a lot of money. As one of my best friends at our London escorts agency said, you can easily retire on that sort of money. Well, maybe Meghan has caught her Prince Charming and is happy back home in California.

How do you become a gold digger? There are no training courses on how you become a gold digger, but I think it helps if you have a plan. Personally it is not the sort of thing that I would get involved in, but I would not put it past some former London escorts who dated exceptionally rich men during their London escorts careers. You can do well, but you need to have wits about you. We have all heard the expression the Latin carpe diem. Well, gold digging is not about seizing the day, it is about seizing the opportunity. If you can do that, you may just have found the right career for you.

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