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I know that most London escorts like to update their wardrobes a couple of times per year. Us girls who work for elite London escorts services do like to look the part. It is all part of the course and I think that the gentlemen we date really do appreciate our looks. But, what do you do when you feel that your wardrobe needs up dating? Sure, it can be tempting to take it all down to the nearest charity shop to get rid of it, but is that would you should be doing? I personally don't think that is such a good idea.

Just like my colleagues at London escorts I do spend rather a lot of money on getting that sophisticated and sexy charlotte London escorts look. I do add up all of my receipts once a year, and to be fair, it staggers me what I spend on clothes for London escorts. It is not only clothes, it is shoes as well, I used to take it all down to the charity shop after a couple of seasons, but lately, I have changed my mind about that.

Instead of taking my London escorts wardrobe down to the charity shop, I have started to sell the clothes. They are a lot of shops in London which are happy to sell second-hand clothes. You get the most of the money, and the shop keeps a small commission. I have done very well over the last few years, and I have made a surprising amount of money. Now, most of the girls that I work with at London escorts have started to follow my lead.

Not only can you sell off your designer clothes in shops, but you can use modern technology as well. Some of the best apps only take seconds to use, and I have to admit that I have been very successful. Of course, I don't tell anybody that I work for a London escorts agency. I doubt very much that someone would like to buy clothes that have been worn by a London escort. Remember to not say too low of a price, and take a nice picture. It really is a photo that sells your clothes.

How much can you expect to make? Well, that all depends on what state your clothes are in. It really pays to look after your clothes and I do look after my clothes. At the end of every week, I take my clothes in the dry cleaner or wash them in the right kind of way. Do I sell all of the clothes that I bought the previous season? No, I don't sell all of them. There are always one or two pieces that I have become especially fond of and I make sure that I keep them so that I can continue to wear them. They are not always the clothes that my gents have appreciated the most, often they are special pieces that I have bought because I have fallen in love with them.