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Making a London escort mine is a challenge that I would gladly accept.

i can't figure out what is wrong with me in the past. i thought that I was the only guy in the planet who has mental problems. When I was a child my mother told me that my head was banged up against a cement wall and it damaged my brain until now. That’s the reason why I do not have even a single chance to date a decent person because they all think of me as a retarded person. i know that I have to endure this but sometimes the pain is just to real and strong. Being an unlovable person has taken a toll on me and it feels like there's nothing that I can do anymore to be a better person. i can't just be afraid all of my life and do nothing with my situation all of the time. I am always thinking how to better myself and do the right things but now that I have not gotten someone to love me I am completely lost with nowhere to run. i thought that it was going to be the end of me. When I found an interesting conversation with a London escort from She was the first woman who did not felt judgemental of me. I soon grew strong feelings for a London escort and was prepared to give my all for her. Despite of everything that has happened I still believe that being with a London escort is going to help me out in so many ways. i may have been sad and alone in the past. But I really do want to better myself in any situation especially now that I have a London escort who loves me really well. i tested her a couple of times but her intentions for me was pure. i thought that she was just feeling pity from all of the bad things that I went through. But things are quite different nowadays. i had to be strong and truthful about the situation that I had with a London Escort. All that I really want to do is love her and give her all the things that she wants. I can see the bigger picture with a London escort and there's no sacrifice that I am not willing to make for her. She is the only person who shown me that there is still people that can live me even though I was given a major disadvantage in life. Life might not be fair but I am happy that things have gone better for me. I know how much I can improve with the help of a London escort. That’s why I would never stop thinking about her and doing many things that makes me happy. All that I know is that I am happy with the London escort that I am with today. I would not want my life to go on a downward spiral moat of the time. Making a London escort love me is a challenge that I would gladly accept.

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