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Beginning to love my life as a London escort

I am still young and I know at the right time I'll be able to find someone that would truly love me and care for me. I started to realize what my worth is all about. it's okay if I am alone and be reminded that it's part of life. for so long I experienced pain and difficulty to love someone that does not love you back and I slowly understand that no matter how hard you try to give yourself to them, at some point they will eventually hurt you. for now, I don't expect and just love the life that I have now. I've been through a lot of thought times, including passing of my parents. I was alone and even I think of it many times, I am scared at some point but maybe I have to undergo this to be able to get whenever where I am. Being a London escort from helps me to see what I lost for a long time. Maybe I wasn't happy at all. Maybe I was drowned for too much love and been blinded of what I must enjoy. I should never expect somebody to love me the way I love them. Since I am a London escort now and free from a man I don't chase them anymore. I am enjoying my life and this time be careful of who the man I should have enter my life. I cannot stop but think of my past and what I went through was horrible. Three years after I found my husband. This man comes to my life without my expectation. he has done his best to get my trust and he earned it. He was deeply in love with me and never judge me about my past. I am totally love now even of what kind if life I had. Having someone that accept you is the most I important thing in life. when time comes beautiful fades away, and what remains is the soul that is a good one who sees your broken heart and fix it. I knew he may not be that Prince charming I want but he is my knight and shining armor in life. saving me from someone that almost killed me is something that catches my heart. being a London escort gives me opportunity to find the love of my life, someone that is true and marry me. I always love him because he shows to me how much important am I to her. I am so glad that I am able to find this person once in a life time. I won't stop loving her until we are old. For me marrying this man gives me back my whole self. I forget all the heartbreak and people who hurt me. This man satisfied me. I am truly happy that I am able to find the man that never hurt me again. whatever come in our way, I know that we will both pass it. this little family I have with him is my treasure.

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