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Are you the proud owner of a sex toy collection?  

Over half of the households in Britain now own sex toys on one form or another, but do we look after our sex toys. Do you use your sex toys, and then immediately put them away so the kids can't find them? Lewisham escorts from say that a lot of lovers use their sex toys, and never clean. According to Lewisham escorts, this is a really bad habit to get into and we should look after our sex toys much better than we do. How do you look after your sex toys? When was the last time you cleaned your vibrators ladies? Lewisham escorts spoke to some ladies who were buying vibrators in a sex shop in Soho. To their horror the Lewisham escorts found out that the ladies had never cleaned their previous vibrators. They just put them back in the drawer until the next time they wanted to use. Seriously, come one ladies, you should always clean your sex toys after use as they can pick up little nasty things. It is very easy to clean a vibrator. all you need is soap and water but you can also use face wash. Just remember that it needs to be PH neutral, and you should rinse of your vibrator afterwards. Have you ever been sexually harassed in your office? A sister of an Lewisham escorts was being sexually harassed by a fellow employee, and she happened to tell her big sister about it. Perhaps it is not the best thing to mention to Lewisham escorts as they are probably likely to do something about it. On top of that, Lewisham escorts are more than likely to have their own unique approach, and that is exactly what happened in this case. Sexual harassment is a very common problem in the work place and sometimes we are not even aware that it goes on. On this occasion, the guy who was responsible for the harassment was a married guy and Lewisham escorts sat about making life hell for him. The girl had asked him to stop, but he was not just getting the drift. What made it worse was the fact that he was a manager, and the girl on the receiving end was not sure who to report the problem to. After having told her sister, things started to happen to the guy and it seemed that he was the one being harassed. Lewisham escorts had decided to make his life a misery. One day, when he came out to his car to go home, he found that a card had been placed under his windscreen wiper. The card was from an Lewisham escorts agency and it simply said - thank you for last night big boy. He knew he had not dated any Lewisham escorts so he simply just threw the card away. This was only a first strike on behalf of the girls but there was going to be more to follow. A couple of days later, he started to receive text message to his phone. Most of the text messages were of a sexual nature and many of them were very explicit. Once again, the Lewisham escorts were using their blonde smarts to annoy him.

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